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More and more moms and dads are becoming concerned about sugary drinks — the empty calories, the long-term impact on kids' tastes, the potential for obesity. It's just frightening. So we're trying to do something about it in Howard County, and this website is part of that effort. The idea is simple: We want to make it easier for parents to serve the best stuff they can to their kids.

That's why we have the Better Beverage Finder, which lets you search for beverage choices any mother can love and find where you can get them in Howard County.

It's also why we're building the Better Choices Coalition of Howard County, which is working to fill our county's public spaces with better drink choices instead of having them dominated by sugary drinks. There's a lot of other stuff here too, like [Un]Sweet Talk, which chronicles the challenges of keeping kids healthy, and tips, like how to read a drink label and how to make spa water.

The Horizon Foundation is leading the effort, but there are a ton of other organizations involved. We're also getting a bunch of guidance from the experts at the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University.

Most of us are parents ourselves here in Howard County. You could say we're concerned about how sugary drinks have become a primary cause of the nation's obesity epidemic. But it's really a lot more personal than that. We're doing this because we want raising healthy kids in Howard County to be as easy as possible. We want our kids surrounded by better drink choices and other supportive adults. We live here because life is better here. And, even in the face of the ever more aggressive marketing of sugary products, we want it to stay that way.

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