Re-Tool What Your Family Drinks. In 2 Steps.

Healthy beverages shouldn’t require a consultant or a GPS. But the right tools sure make it a snap. Let me introduce you to two online “advisors” that help plan the beverage part of your grocery list; restaurant or concession stand order; birthday party, school party, or other kids’ event.

Best For: Those who aspire to ditch the sugary stuff, but don’t know where to start.

Real world application: Any moms of young ones out there? Birthday parties are a big deal when the kids are small. You want them to be memorable, fun, and look good in your facebook pics. J You buy or make the killer cake and spare little when it comes to the frosting in the shape of balloons, cartoon characters, etc. Do they really need “fake,” freaky-colored juice to wash it down?, you ask yourself. Then, you ask SwitchTheDrink, which leads you to a naturally sweetened lemonade pouch. The kids love it. Only problem is now they don’t want to leave.

Best For: When you want to dig deeper; find alternatives that have less of a certain ingredient (like caffeine or artificial sweeteners). Bookmark this one. It’s awesome.

• Start by selecting Type of Drink.

• Then, select kind of Sweetener.

• Other search options include Best for Kids and No Caffeine.

• Advanced searches let you specify sports drinks, dairy, sparkling and more.

Real world application: I used BetterBeverageFinder on my smart phone at the grocery store on the way to my son’s soccer game. It was my turn to bring team snacks. I wanted something healthy without artificial sweeteners. I plugged in “flavored” and “natural” sweetener and found a few great choices. The ones with the happy baby face icon (best for kids) helped me further whittle down the choices. In the end, I went with water bottles (and bought a mint-flavored water for myself — saving me from the magnetic pull to the soda machine at halftime). Done.

Post here if you use these tools, and if you find them helpful, too!

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