Halloween: How to Help Your Kids Cut Sugar During Sugar-Centric Celebrations

With Halloween just days away, families around Howard County are buzzing with excitement. With the perfect costumes selected and the spooky decorations hung, we’re all practicing the most important line of the night, “Trick or Treat!”

Trick-or-treating is a treasured tradition for many families and communities. While Halloween treats are certainly a part of that fun, more and more parents are discovering new ways to help their kids enjoy the excitement of Halloween without all the sugar.

There are many tried-and-true ways to help your kids make healthy decisions when they’re celebrating this particular holiday. Consider the following tips on limiting the loot without spoiling the fun:

  • Banish the pillowcase. Instead of sending your kids out with large sacks for collecting candy, give them a smaller bag! The smaller the bag, the less candy they’ll collect.
  • Save only the most special Halloween candy. You’ll need to set limits ahead of time (i.e.: 2 pieces for each year of your kid’s age) for the numbers of pieces they can keep. Donate or trash the rest.
  • Plan a visit from the Switch Witch. Introduce your friend the Switch Witch who visits your house while your kids sleep, and switches out all their Halloween candy for an awesome toy. Your kids will anticipate the switch and the new toy even more than devouring their sugary sweets.
  • Set up a Halloween swap shop. Using Halloween candy as currency, set up a store where healthier treats or small toys are for sale.
  • Donate the candy to a cause. Look for donation sites in your area or consider national programs like Operation Shoebox, which accepts individually wrapped candies and sends them to U.S. troops deployed outside the country.

Happy Halloween, Howard County!

- Your friends at Howard County. Unsweetened.

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