Here's what happens when Maryland teens take on a global giant

If you try to trick teens in Howard County, Maryland, don’t be surprised if they call your corporate office with better ideas. Or break up with you in front of tens of thousands of people. Or inflate a giant red soda can outside your window.  

Yes, seriously. 

Those are all real stunts by real Maryland teens who are done dealing with the big beverage industry, one that spends $866 million pushing their products (largely, to teens) and disproportionately targets those who are Black and Latino.

There’s no longer any question that these sugary drinks are linked to the high rate of diabetes and obesity in teens today (for the first time ever, it’s predicted that life expectancy for today’s teens will be shorter than that of their parents).

That’s why this MD crew is just getting started. 

Dubbed #BevRev, the project launched in January 2017 and specifically takes aim at the American Beverage Association, the trade organization representing the nation’s soda giants.

The ask is simple: Instead of spending the majority of marketing budgets on sugary drinks that are making people sick, spend more promoting the better beverages that companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola already make. The project comes right on the heels of the recent lawsuit against the beverage industry filed by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Check out more of the antics here. Then share with others who just might be over it too. 

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