Soda Pop Psychology

Hi, I’m L. Cline, a Maryland mom, here to share with you a recent experiment I call “Soda Pop Psychology.” It happened, kind of by accident, during a recent lunch gathering at our house…

Picture this: three kids horsing around (baseball, basketball, a little break-dancing) for an hour before bowling over the lunch buffet with growing-boy grade hunger and a thirst to match. When I offered milk or water, I got an: “Is that all you have?” My response: “Well, I also have this bubbly water in a green can, if that interests you.”

Before I could blink, the boys made off with sandwiches in one hand and metallic mini cans of Perrier in the other. You’d think they’d just robbed a bank. This was my “aha” moment.

It wasn’t what was in the can, it was the can. The CAN!

Drawing on my own forbidden can experiences, I realized I was blind to miss this. The can is a chalice of adultness, maturity, in this case, studliness.

They strutted around the house, the yard, the neighborhood with these cans of water (shhhh!) in their sweaty little grips — not too much unlike adults, who ask for anything with a little umbrella in it when on vacation. That umbrella announces how relaxed and care-free we are.

After lunch, the boys asked for another. Noooo problem. The burp Olympics that ensued were spectacular (depending on your perspective) and we now have a new “special” beverage. I’m not going to stock the fridge with it — to preserve its specialness — but if they sneak another one by me, I know the worst that can happen is a few extra trips to the bathroom.

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