Starting the New Year on the Right Foot

Happy New Year! As we close the books on 2013, we’re already looking for ways to make 2014 a healthier year for Howard County. As you know, childhood obesity remains a threat to the healthy future of many American children, and we’re working to make sure we’re raising healthy kids in Howard County and across the county. 

We’ve rounded up several resources to help you and your family start the New Year on the right foot – what others do you have to add?

Apps for Healthy Kids

Have you heard about the Apps for Healthy Kids competition that challenged innovators to develop tools, apps and games to motivate children to eat better and to be more physically active? The competition was a success, inspiring hundreds of apps like Water First’s Think Your Drink Calculator, which helps users track beverage intake on a daily basis and monitor progress in reducing sugary drinks and increasing water.

Check out the range of Apps for Healthy Kids submitted through the competition, and arm yourself with the right tools to make healthy choices for you and your family throughout the year.

New Recipes for the New Year

Make 2014 the year of new recipes for your family! KidsHealth has a host of great recipes for kids to try (and parents to supervise!), as well as tips for staying healthy. Pair these recipes with healthy drinks  — there are hundreds to choose from using our Better Beverage Finder — for a fresh start to your 2014.

Finding a Healthy Balance at Home

According to, “Balance is key in helping your child maintain a healthy weight.” Helping your children understand the importance of balancing the calories they eat and drink with the calories used through physical activity and normal growth will give them a healthy start to 2014. offers great tips for achieving that balance here.

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