Teaming Up to Serve Healthy Options

Kids in Howard County are back in school –let fall activity begin! From racing to get to school on time to after school pick-ups and sports practice drop-offs, Howard County families are constantly on the go. As schedules get hectic, this is an important time to remind ourselves and our families of the importance of making better beverage choices.

At every turn (in line at the cafeteria, grabbing a snack before practice, choosing a drink with dinner at a friend’s house), our youngsters will have to decide between soda and water, cookies and carrots. It’s up to us as adults to provide nutritious and appealing options to kids when they’re in our houses, and to instill the knowledge and confidence that will help them choose better beverages when they’re on their own. 

There is one time that can be especially challenging to help your kids choose healthy, low-sugar options: before and after sports practices and games. Instead of water, kids and parents alike can be tempted to choose from the dizzying array of sports drinks, sodas, juices and energy drinks for a perceived energy boost or as a special treat.

It can be fun to provide celebratory snacks for games and practices, but it’s important not load up our kids (and their teammates!) with unnecessary sugars. Especially in light of the recent studies revealing the adverse effects of sugar in children (like behavioral disorders and direct ties to weight gain and obesity), we need to continue to encourage Howard County residents, young and old, to choose better beverages!

If you haven't already, when it's your turn to provide a snack for your child or the whole team, check out our Better Beverage Finder to find hundreds of available better beverages in Howard County.

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