Wishing You a Happy (and Unsweetened) Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the ones we love.  While Cupid lets his arrows fly, we deliver cards, send flowers…and usually, indulge with lots and lots of sugar.

As you’re planning your family’s Valentine’s Day celebration, consider the day as an opportunity to introduce your kids to new traditions that focus less about the sugar and more on spending time with the ones you love.  

  • Mix Things Up at Your Child’s Class Party. Instead of sugary cupcakes for your child’s class party, opt to bring fruit-based desserts or pretzels dipped in dark chocolate.
  • Add Some Sparkle to Your Dinner. Make this dinner with your family one to remember! Lay a white tablecloth on the dinner table, serve up a sparkling drink like La Croix or Seagram’s Sparkling Seltzer Water (or any number of options from our Better Beverage Finder) in your fancy glasses, and have your children dress up for dinner.
  • Make Your Valentine’s Day Treat Together. Instead of buying that box of heart-shaped chocolates, make a homemade treat together like chocolate covered strawberries or heart-shaped cookies from scratch. By getting including them in the activity, they’ll understand the effort involved, not to mention how much sugar is actually in the sweets they enjoy!

There are many ways you can celebrate the day without emphasizing candy and other sweets. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Create Fancy, Candy-Free Cards. Instead of including candy with Valentines for family members and friends, encourage your family to make their Valentines extra special by using fancy paper, stickers, glitter, etc. Check out some of our favorite Valentine’s Day crafts on Pinterest.
  • Decorate, Decorate, Decorate! Choose a room of your house to decorate, and go all out! With cut-out hearts and pink and red streamers, it’s a low-cost way to show your spirit.
  • Get Creative with Gifts. Your sweeties are already sweet enough! For the young ones in your family, there are many fun (and inexpensive) gifts that both boys and girls can get excited about on the special day, including Valentine’s Day stickers, pencils, fun erasers, bouncy balls, finger puppets, temporary tattoos, balloons, etc.
  • Plan an Alternative Way to Celebrate.  Develop a new Valentine’s Day tradition for your family, such as going to see a movie, doing something outdoors, or planning a day trip.


We’d love to hear what you do to make Valentine’s Day special for your family – the unsweetened way! Let us know in the comments what creative plans you’ve made.

Have a very happy and healthy Valentine’s Day!

- Howard County. Unsweetened.

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