New Study Shows Too Many Sugary Drinks can Lower Semen Quality

June 11, 2014

Men may want to think twice before downing another sugary sports drink, such as Gatorade or Powerade. A new study has shown that in addition to contributing to obesity and diabetes, overconsumption of sugary drinks is linked to low sperm quality and motility.

Researchers conducting the study found that lean, healthy, 18 to 22 year old males who consumed an average of 2.7 sugary drinks per day had 6.3 percent lower sperm motility than those who consumed less than one per day. Sports drinks accounted for 40 percent of the sugary beverages the men reported drinking. Just one more reason to reach for a better beverage. You can find over 300 choices and where to buy them here:

To read more about the study and its findings here:

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