Here's what happens when Maryland teens take on a global giant

If you try to trick teens in Howard County, Maryland, don’t be surprised if they call your corporate office with better ideas. Or break up with you in front of tens of thousands of people. Or inflate a giant red soda can outside your window.

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Re-Tool What Your Family Drinks. In 2 Steps.

  • Tuesday, February 17, 2015
  • L. Cline
New online tools a parent can use to make healthier beverage choices for healthier families.

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5 Ways To Flourish and Fake Your Way Through New Year’s Eve Nips

New Year's Eve. A day that ranks right up there for a lot of things; among them, the day we hold a glass for perhaps the most consecutive hours. At a typical New Year’s Eve party, there are drinks before dinner, during dinner, after dinner. Then, there’s the sipping and swirling waiting for the big ball drop. We should all get hand cramps. But, instead, we get a six-hour sugar infusion. Resolve to outsmart sugar this New Year’s Eve. Here’s how:

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